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Stay Present 20 x 24 Metal Print


Stay present,

That is the most important lesson.

Let us not dwell on the past

Nor on the future,

What is true is here and now,

No need to look any further.

In the hourglass of time,

The sand trickles down.

How much is left?

How much has gone by?

It is easy to get lost

In this never-ending paradigm.

Only to suffering it will lead,

This we must realize.

What we learned from the past

Feel it in this moment.

Heal the past

By healing in the present.

What awaits us in the future,

One’s goalS and anticipations,

Let us realize

They are constructed

By this very moment.

The best we can do

Is do our best now,

And the future will take care of itself.

In deep meditation

On this insight

Let us dwell

To finally arrive to true peace.

Let our minds be at ease

Just this breath,

This one right now

Is all we need.

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Divine self, 

Inner Buddha-nature, 

May I fully embody you 

And to my mind 

Never be a stranger. 

Royal in wisdom, 

Divine in consciousness, 

Let me find peace meditating 

In tranquil thoughtlessness. 

During deep states of insight 

The Book of Life reveals 

I am a chapter, 

Yet despite, 

I am the whole book itself, 

Yes, I am all the actors. 

With this knowledge I hold 

I can now see 

Kindness is key, 

To set the heart free, 

And in deep unity 

I will eternally be.

“Pineal Palace”

Collaboration between Juliana Garces and Burt Vera Cruz.