“I first commissioned Juliana almost 2 years ago to paint for me a ‘Living Memory’ in honor of my late Father.

The result was perfect. Visually stunning with a fine attention to detail.

I have gone on to purchase several other pieces of her art including ‘Alignment’ from her Vinyl series, ‘Life is Priceless’, acrylic on canvas and her most recent commission for me has been an acrylic on gesso board painting of my horse Marcus. Although I am based in the UK, I have been fortunate enough to visit with Juliana her beautiful Environmental Underwater Mural at Best Western Hotel in Orlando and visited her work displayed in Orlando Museum of Art. What sets Juliana apart from other artists, is her spiritual ability to understand inner emotions and to take one’s vision and translate into a reflective, considered yet exciting piece of artwork. Her profound love of nature and the environment ensures that everything she creates, she does so from the heart. She is an inspiring artist but also very professional attaching Certificates of Authenticity and handwritten notes with her commissions which are packaged beautifully and delivered correctly.”

-Caroline J. Wright,
Derbyshire, England

“Juliana was commissioned to do a book cover for my partner Stephen and me. She was very professional, communicative, responsive, talented and a pleasure to work with. The artwork was for an Asian and East Asian inspired amalgam of symbols where we connect yoga and self-defense. Several renditions were presented initially with her and then the magic began. The feedback process from our vision of the cover and the artist was exciting indeed. The contract was explicit about payment and editing options but the editing process was very rewarding and the completed artwork stellar.

I am very proud to have her art as the cover of our book Yoga Self-Defense.

I would recommend her as an artist for most any project. ”

-Daniel C. Harrigan Ph.D.
Orlando, Florida.

“The album cover art that was made for me by Juliana Garces was exactly what I wanted.

She depicted precisely what I envisioned in my mind.

I am forever grateful.”

-Carlos Pineda a.k.a. “Coyote Violet,”
Long Beach, California.