Online Visionary Art Classes

I teach private, one-to-one online visionary art courses. I can help teach you the ways of visionary art and how to take your work to the next level. The courses are taught usually in the form of 2-hour classes once a week, but we can adjust to what works for your schedule. You can choose to learn visionary art with one or more of the following mediums: oil paint, graphite, and digital on the program Procreate. I can also teach you art business techniques if requested if you would like to become a full-time artist.

  • Classes that fit your schedule.
  • All skill levels.
  • Worldwide.
  • All ages.
  • Discover your creative side.
  • Meet your artistic goals.
  • Learn from a professional artist.

The courses are taught with projects where I teach you how to create one step at a time while learning the techniques. Each project gradually becomes more complex and dives deeper into technical skills. 


The classes are taught on Instagram or Facebook video chat. Facebook video chat works better and is recommended. There is a spot in the signup form for you to put in your Facebook or Instagram link. Please be ready on the platform for me to video call you at the chosen class time. 

It is recommended to take one class per week for best results but more or less often works too. Do what your schedule permits you! I have some students who like to take classes more than once a week and some who can only take 1 class a month and that is alright. 

You can take classes until you feel you are happy with your artistic level. Most students work with me for about a year but there is no commitment and you can choose to take classes for less time or longer. 

Materials needed are discussed during the first class. For the first class, all you need is a paper and something to write with. You will not need art materials until class number 2. 

After class 2 once we have discussed materials, you can check out this link for some of the art supplies that I enjoy using. 

I no longer teach or use acrylic paints due to their high toxicity levels & environmental impact. Acrylic paint is essentially liquid plastic that releases hazardous fumes. For more information, watch this video. 

Instead, please consider learning to oil paint using the ZenArt non-toxic paints and artist-grade walnut oil for thinning paint and regular walnut oil cleaning brushes (do not use oil paint solvents like orderless mineral spirit or turpentine, since these are highly toxic also and unnecessary). I will be more than happy to teach you how to have a safe painting setup and the oil painting process step by step in the classes. Plus, working with oil paints is often easier for most people due to the long drying time, which allows for soft blending and overall better art making.


You can pay for one class at a time or save by getting class bundles.

  • Pay 1 class at a time, $104 for a 2 hour class. Pay $104 to reserve.
  • 4 classes bundle $96 for a 2 hour class. Pay $384 to reserve. 
  • 8 classes bundle $92 for a 2 hour class. Pay $736 to reserve.
  • 12 classes bundle $88 for a 2 hour class. Pay $1056 to reserve. 

Fill out the booking form below if you are ready to start creating magical art! Feel free to Contact me if you have any questions.

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“I’m so happy I found Juliana! She is so incredibly talented, and such an amazing teacher. I was completely self taught on my art journey before taking a class with Juliana. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into, or what an art class is even like since I had never taken one before. What I learn from Juliana in two hours would take me two years to learn on my own. She’s the art mentor I’ve always wanted, and the spiritual mentor I never knew I needed!” -Kayduh Alex

“Deciding to start Visionary Art lessons with Juliana has been one of the best things I’ve done in a while! Since beginning, my skills on Procreate advanced really quickly. The lessons are taught in a step by step process that breaks things down into the fundamentals of art – something I have found incredibly valuable in progressing my artworks in general. Juliana encourages conscious creation through things like using an artist mantra and by teaching visualization techniques. Overall I have felt like Juliana teaches thoroughly, quickly and offers really helpful advice and critiques. It has been a wonderful journey, I’m so grateful for Juliana’s wisdom and I am always looking forward to my next lesson!” -Ngahuia Jowsey

 “I am so thankful I started visionary art lessons with Juliana. I was nervous that I wasn’t advanced enough but you can start as a complete beginner and she will take you under her wing. She’s an experienced, efficient and committed teacher, your lessons will be very personal and professional as she will guide you in bringing your visions and your mission of art to life. The way Juliana teaches technique is so nonintimidating, organized, and exciting. I’ve never had such a great, focused, and kind teacher. She shares her secrets of success freely and generously. The price is so fair and I look forward to lessons all week! The best part is working at your own pace and deciding when you’re ready to move forward with another lesson. Juliana will become a sister on your art journey who supports you and believes in your mission and even connects with you spiritually and always shares her wisdom. I highly highly recommend visionary artists at any level to invest in themselves and their art.” -Camille Rogers

“It has been such a pleasure to meet Juliana and take up her Visionary Art classes. So unique that you can learn everything from the basics up to some advanced techniques in thoughtfully structured lectures all wrapped in a personalized plan with Juliana’s positive energy. Her approach is friendly, engaging and supportive – each time covering any topics or questions that I would like to focus on. I am grateful that she shares her own workflow and very appreciate the chance to show her and discuss any other projects that I am individually working on, besides the projects we start in classes. Juliana always gives inspiring feedback that helps me move forward and overcome creative blocks. With her guidance I surely notice development in my artworks by using teachings from our classes as well as I much more believe in myself and trust my own vision and ideas. My artist path is expanding and I start to see more of my own signature since these lessons which I highly recommend to anyone who is willing to explore their Visionary artist abilities and potential.” – Agnese Viluma 

“I definitely recommend Juliana’s if you are trying to advance your visionary artwork. Her in depth knowledge of digital programs and step by step process are top notch! These courses will show you how to transform a simple vision into a masterpiece within a few sessions. Juliana’s devotion to art makes her care about your progression and forms the best course for you!” -Trey Strecker