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I've had a deep interest and attraction to art since I was a child. With my family moving back and forth between South America and the US, I had a difficult time communicating with two languages. I found art as a way to express myself that transcended those language barriers. Now, I use art to express concepts beyond worlds.


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Existence often comes
In opposites. 
Good and bad,
Yin and Yang,
Light and dark. 
But when we perceive 
Past the duality, 
We begin to comprehend
That these opposites 
Create each other. 
They are in harmony. 
We acquire insight
That these opposites 
Are one.
I adore how psychedelic this morphing effect is on my "Arhuacos" artwork. 🎆 Also super exciting news: I have just released my new and improved website. Check out the preview in the video. The link is in my bio if you would like to explore the site!
Love the way this piece turned out! There is beauty in chaos. 
8.5 in x 8.5 in. Ink on resin.

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