Artist Statement

Juliana Garces is a visionary artist and spiritual seeker on a mission to raise the collective consciousness through art. Her works are an exploration of the highest frequency images that can be put on canvas. It’s a quest to paint the impossible: the Infinite Self, and bring it in a recognizable form through artworks. For those who are ready, the works serve as an opportunity to bloom into awakening, and for those who need more time, the art plants the seed of awakening to bloom when ready.

More about Juliana

Growing up between Colombia and the United States, I felt stuck between Spanish and English. As a child, I became fascinated by how art could transcend language, and a visual could communicate to people in either country just the same. That initially drew me into art, but as I grew out of the language berries I had as a child, I continued to be interested in how art can transcend words. Especially as I dove deeper into my spiritual practice, I began to use it to communicate experiences and realms which are beyond words.

I’m committed to doing my part to raise the collective consciousness of the world through inspiring artwork. I’m heavily inspired by the sacred mystic experiences one can access through various spiritual practices and medicines. My goal is to create works that help the viewer to connect with the infinite within. To transcend the ego and lead them to the Light. To bring forward visions that for those who have experienced these realms, can again re-enter through the art. And for those who have yet to remember those realms, to be awakened to them.

Besides making art, the other way I spend the majority of my time is in deepening my spiritual practice. Meditation is a key element in my daily life and a vital part of my art. Yoga, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, astral projection, working with medicines, practicing mindfulness, studying spiritual texts, chanting, and reconnecting with the natural world are all essential tools to my spiritual path. These practices directly inspire the visions I get for my art.

The one last thing I would like to add is that my goal with my art is to inspire you to connect deeper with the love you already have within yourself. I want to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and to want to help create a better world through compassion. I hope these visions can inspire that Light within you to shine a little brighter today.