Third Eye Chakra


7.5 in x 9.5 in
Original piece made through digital painting.

The “Third Eye Chakra” artwork is here! This digital painting, in particular, is the most personal of all the Chakra Series artworks because it is based on a vision I had during an overnight meditation ceremony. During the whole ceremony, I had a difficult time letting go of emotional baggage from the past, but once the sun started coming up, I felt a wave of serenity. This wave of serenity was accompanied with the insight of my ancestral karma, and a thorough understanding of why I was pursuing the things I am in this lifetime. With this realization, the vision depicted in this artwork took over when my eyes were closed. It was a serene, otherworldly landscape full of geometric patterns. In the center was a large mountain and above it was a third eye, wide open, staring deep into the core of my being. I felt an overwhelming sensation of love as if the whole cosmos was watching over my journey on this earth. After this vision, I felt a sense of ease, like the things from the past and future that once worried me, suddenly made perfect sense. It is a bit surreal to see this artwork complete based on that vision from over a year ago. Seeing this image so vividly again now that it is an artwork brings back those feelings of serenity and love that I felt when I first saw it. My goal was to make this artwork and share it and the story behind it with you so that you might feel that love and serenity that I felt. The cosmos is taking care of you and all is well. Much love.
The print is made using resin coated luster paper designed for the highest quality print. The print is equipped with picture mat, transparent cover, and backing, all acid-free to ensure outstanding endurance. This print makes a wonderful gift or addition to your home.
10% of proceeds will be donated to Friends of Animals.
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 1 in