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Bufo Alvarius 11 x 14 Print


 11 x 14-inch matte poster.

The original piece was made with mixed media (digital and acrylic on canvas).

Artwork Description:

Receiving Bufo Alvarius (a.k.a. 5-MeO-DMT, Toad, or the God Molecule) was easily the most extraordinary experience of my existence. I had the honor of trying the medicine recently, after many months of extensive mental, physical, and spiritual preparation. The experience was like a vibration that kept going up and up and up until it hit the highest vibrational peak in the cosmos. Then there was nothing. No self. No sight. No sound. No senses at all. No borders. No time. Just pure consciousness. Yet everything was there. It was Nirvana. I have never felt so much peace, so much fulfillment. It was pure merging with Source. And really no amount of words can do it justice. It is beyond words, beyond everything. I don’t think my lens of seeing the world will ever be quite the same after that experience. I am extremely grateful for this life and hope to enjoy it for many years to come, though this experience truly helped me lose my fear of death. And now I know that when death comes, I will go in peace. Truly, the best way to represent this experience would be through a blank white page, yet as an artist, I endeavored to create an artwork that would represent the feeling of transcendental tranquility that the Bufo provides. This artwork included a bright light emanating from a Buddha, which in this case represents a state of consciousness instead of the historical Buddha, and a toad on its lap, which represents the medicine.

Disclaimer: Definitely a medicine that needs to be done with an experienced facilitator and proper preparation. If you feel called to this medicine, please pursue it responsibly.

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