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The Infinite Self Plays the Game 20 x 24 Metal Print


20″ x 24″ Metal Print

Go for a sleek modern look with these stylish metal prints. The high gloss finish accentuates rich colors giving any space an urban vibe, while the metal adds energy and cheer to your design. Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, these metal prints are perfect for fast-paced, everyday life!

Artwork Description:

It is all one. It is all the Infinite Self. An endless game of existence. Meet all the goals you desire. Have fun! You are safe no matter what. I am all those I know. I am the never-ending dance of the cosmos. Things are difficult so that things stay exciting. We forget all this, get caught up because remembering you are playing makes the game lose a part of its charm. If everything we wanted was easy, was handed over right away, it would not be the precious gem that comes with earning it. The difficulties are what make the reward worthwhile. But in the end, you can meet any goals you set your mind to. Because that is what the game is about. Smile so big!

What an adventure life is! Quite the quest. And if you’re here, you made it! You made the game. But in the adventure of existing in the world, we will follow where our energy takes us and struggles may come. If one dies in the process, well ultimately, there is really no such thing. The true self is immortal.
So go have fun. Smile. Tear up in joy when your hard work pays off. Die. Realize it was a game with yourself all along and laugh! Are you having fun playing the game of existence you created?
This artwork “The Infinite Self Plays the Game” contains a substantial amount of symbolism to represent the message. The principal symbol is the being that represents the Infinite One, all that is. The actor behind all the masks. It is the dualities as one, the yin and yang, light and dark, male and female, as one. The infinite self is Light containing all the color spectrum, which shoots up above its head. The male energies are symbolized through the color blue. The female energies are represented by pink. The color purple represents when those energies are one. The yellow color represents sacredness. The Infinite self had both male and female qualities to represent its oneness with all in existence. In each hand, it holds an important piece of the Game. In one hand, all the humans and animals, in another the solar system and all the physical cosmos, in another the spirit molecule, in another all plants, fungi, bacteria, and other life forms, in another it is moving one of the pieces of the game forward and in another it holds a pair of dice. The artwork also features a table with the board game. One the table there is two piles of cards, space and time. There are three characters in this snippet of the game. A female character, a dead character, and a male character. After the death piece, there is another path open leading beyond the viewer’s eye. The individual steps of the game contain an other-worldly language left to the viewer to interpret. Lastly, the background of the artwork has a computer chip-like pattern, but with eyes. This is a symbol for the Game being a living simulation and hints towards simulation theory.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 6 in