The Infinite Self and the Wheel of Life

Reconnect with the Oneness which we are all a part of; the entirety of the cosmic dance. Perceive beyond the wheel of Samsara. Join the awaken state of the Infinite Self. The state of I AM.

The Wheel of Life continues to spin; the different realms of existence restlessly unfolding in your presence, expressing their enchanting illusion. You must realize that there is a state beyond, a condition that escapes the realms of birth and death, which transcends all suffering. A state in which the actor that is behind all the masks is revealed, only to learn that it’s oneself. It is All, we had simply forgotten. This state of enlightenment is within all of us, available through the door of this very present moment. 

I am so excited to unveil the digital design/sketch of the painting called “The Infinite Self and the Wheel of Life”. This art piece portrays the Infinite Self orchestrating the game of existence; existence being represented through a modernized version of the Tibetan Wheel of Life. This artwork will be over 8 feet tall, with a moving wheel, delineated in a gold frame, adorned by crystals, and a bright light at the very top of the structure. 

I am turning to you for your support to manifest this artwork into the physical realm. As a means to raise funds for the materials needed to create the 8’+ tall painting, I am selling prints and shirts of this digital sketch.

Find them below. 

Donations for acquiring the materials are also greatly appreciated. 

Last but not least, I’m searching for a woodworker that could create the frame for me to paint. As well as someone who could add the motorized feature for the wheel. I would love for the woodworker to be deeply passionate about the message of this piece. Anyone interested please contact me.  

Thank you for all those who choose to help bring this vision to life. 

Prints and Shirts:

Symbolism Breakdown: