Phoenix of Higher Consciousness Women’s T-shirt


Show off your neckline with a fitted Bella v-neck t-shirt. Made with a fashionable and very slim silhouette, this 100% jersey cotton shirt is a flattering addition to your wardrobe.

The original piece was made with mixed media (digital, acrylic, mica powder, and resin on canvas).

From the ashes we will rise. A new humanity is being born, a “Phoenix of Higher Consciousness”. Let us use our suffering as a vehicle to awaken. Let us help create a peaceful world by finding the peace within ourselves, and then spreading that peace to all. To spread Love, because we ARE Love. That infinite loving compassion will arise from our understanding that it is all One. One Earth. One humanity. One race. One eternal awareness. This interconnectedness is available to us in this very present moment by calming the mind and being the awareness behind the thoughts. Through the meditative state, we can awaken. Then, we can begin to take action to do our part, with our own unique gift, to create the building blocks for a new high vibrational Earth. 2020 is our year of clear vision.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in

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