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Kali-Durga 4 x 3 Inch Sticker


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Dark one

You are the void,

The womb of the cosmos

of all manifested

and yet unmanifested.

The mother

Of Existence

glorious and divine

fierce and powerful.

You are the embodiment

of the feminine energy,

of the forces of time,

of mother nature.

Seeing your child


in illusion,

In samsara,

In suffering,

You intervene

With love

You kill the ego

To make room

For the soul.

The bloodshed

of your feminine cycles

is evidence of your

noble sacrifice

of being the portal for life.

Kali Ma

Durga ma,

You are the paradox

Of the nurturing and the destructive forces

Of mother nature,

Of time,

Of beauty

Of mighty motherly power.

You I thank

for the unconditional love

Of a wise caregiver

more powerful

than the light

of a thousand suns.

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That which is not,

The space between,

The formless

And form.

With grace

Shiva takes

The river of pure creation

Spiraling through his head

He dreams

The dreams of dreamers.

Oh Mahadeva,

With your laugh

The illusion falls.


I dissolve into nothing,

I let go




No thought.

No mind.

Just breath.

Infinite time.

Om Nama Shivaya,

As I become nothing,

Lose all notion of self,

There emerges

A gentle whisper,

“I am everything.”

Oh Destroyer,

Destroy all that which is not serving me,

Rattle out my defilements,

Crush all the suffering of existence,

Until we become one.

Until I remember it is you,

Behind all eyes,

In every disguise.

Dear Lord,

Your dance evaporates galaxies.

Your heartbeat,

Is the rhythm of my awakening.

To you I surrender,

Until I realize I am surrendering

To the Infinite part of myself

Within me all along.