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Cosmic Jester 20 x 24 Metal Print


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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Divine self, 

Inner Buddha-nature, 

May I fully embody you 

And to my mind 

Never be a stranger. 

Royal in wisdom, 

Divine in consciousness, 

Let me find peace meditating 

In tranquil thoughtlessness. 

During deep states of insight 

The Book of Life reveals 

I am a chapter, 

Yet despite, 

I am the whole book itself, 

Yes, I am all the actors. 

With this knowledge I hold 

I can now see 

Kindness is key, 

To set the heart free, 

And in deep unity 

I will eternally be.

“Pineal Palace”

Collaboration between Juliana Garces and Burt Vera Cruz.