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HOLOGRAPHIC True Love Limited Edition Framed 16 x 20 Signed and Numbered Out of 16 Prints


Color-changing, holographic limited edition print of “True Love”. Only 16 prints were made. Each one is signed and numbered. Comes with a gold frame that is ready to hang. 16 x 20 inch artwork.

Artwork Description:
True Love is unshakable,
It is a vibration
Beyond time,
Beyond distance.
It is so great
It makes the forces of nature
Seem minuscule.
To perceive such a power
Can make the unprepared heart
Flee in fear
At the chance
Of surrendering
At something so much grander
Then the self.
To merge hearts with another
Without clenching,
Without caving,
Without doubt.
To let the heart
Break open
In glory,
Yet the breaking
Into light,
Into union,
Into One.
It takes bravery
To be this vulnerable.
But don’t let comfort
Lie to you
That a Love so grand
Is to be feared,
That being alone
Is a path of safety,
That the walls around the heart
Built to protect
Should stay closed.
Let the gates open,
Take the wall down
Brick by brick
And tenderly exclaim,
Despite the uncertainty
Of reciprocation,
I Love you
And you are free.

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Dimensions 20 × 24 × 6.5 in