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The Game of Existence 20 x 24 Metal Print


20 x 24 inch metal print.

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20 x 24 inch metal print.

Artwork poem:

There is a part within all of us

That is infinite,

That is not touched

By time

Or death.

This divine part,

Buried like a treasure

Within our being,

Is what our hearts long for.

This Infinite Self

Is the awareness

That observes with deep compassion

The cosmic game of existence play out.

While our mind is turbulent,

Like stormy waves on the ocean surface

Of what unfolds before us

In daily life,

This wise observer within

Forever stays in ceaseless peace

In the depth of its deep ocean.

This infinite awareness,

Perpetually in tune with the oneness of all,

Observes the mind being fooled by the senses

Into the illusion of separation,

Tossed into the cosmic game

In amnesia of the truth

Like a dreamer lost in a dream.

Yet there is a cosmic joke,

The path to reconnection is simple.

For the dreamer to simply relax,

Close your eyes,

Be in silence,

In stillness,

Disengage from the senses,

Letting the mind settle

Like debris in a glass of water,

And feel deeply the sense of being

The awareness that observes it all,

Become attentive of that,

Remember that,

And one will remember

The sole Orchestrator

Of the game of existence.

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That which is not,

The space between,

The formless

And form.

With grace

Shiva takes

The river of pure creation

Spiraling through his head

He dreams

The dreams of dreamers.

Oh Mahadeva,

With your laugh

The illusion falls.


I dissolve into nothing,

I let go




No thought.

No mind.

Just breath.

Infinite time.

Om Nama Shivaya,

As I become nothing,

Lose all notion of self,

There emerges

A gentle whisper,

“I am everything.”

Oh Destroyer,

Destroy all that which is not serving me,

Rattle out my defilements,

Crush all the suffering of existence,

Until we become one.

Until I remember it is you,

Behind all eyes,

In every disguise.

Dear Lord,

Your dance evaporates galaxies.

Your heartbeat,

Is the rhythm of my awakening.

To you I surrender,

Until I realize I am surrendering

To the Infinite part of myself

Within me all along.