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Decriminalize Psychedelics 18 x 24 Print


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I’ve made a new version of my Legalize poster, the Decriminalize poster. This poster is inspired by wanting to free the medicines and help the movement in whatever way possible. There are a lot of different opinions on the best way to create freedom around these medicines is, and the best way to incorporate them into our culture. I can see the pros and cons of decriminalization vs legalization. Decriminalization would keep the corporations out of the picture, which could make this movement run more by the people yet could still involve some degree of criminal offenses. Legalization could provide the safety of regulation and lead to less laced substances, yet would deeply commercialize them. These are just some of the many pros and cons of legalization vs decriminalization. Often, we will mostly see the true results through learning from trial and error, which we are beginning to see with various cities and now even whole states creating these types of legislations. Yet, even for the people who eventually want these substances made legal, decriminalization is the first step in this process. So ultimately, instead of me picking sides, I let you decide by providing two versions of this artwork, and letting you enjoy the one you personally resonate with the most. Regardless of whatever way these substances become integrated into our country, may safety education and research prevail about them so we can learn how to use them to help humanity the most. When used responsibly, by the right people, with the proper mindset and setting, these can be deeply healing, inspiring, and spiritual medicines.

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That which is not,

The space between,

The formless

And form.

With grace

Shiva takes

The river of pure creation

Spiraling through his head

He dreams

The dreams of dreamers.

Oh Mahadeva,

With your laugh

The illusion falls.


I dissolve into nothing,

I let go




No thought.

No mind.

Just breath.

Infinite time.

Om Nama Shivaya,

As I become nothing,

Lose all notion of self,

There emerges

A gentle whisper,

“I am everything.”

Oh Destroyer,

Destroy all that which is not serving me,

Rattle out my defilements,

Crush all the suffering of existence,

Until we become one.

Until I remember it is you,

Behind all eyes,

In every disguise.

Dear Lord,

Your dance evaporates galaxies.

Your heartbeat,

Is the rhythm of my awakening.

To you I surrender,

Until I realize I am surrendering

To the Infinite part of myself

Within me all along.