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Celestial Ceilings 18 x 24 Print


 18 x 24-inch matte poster of Celestial Ceilings.

“The walls – if such they be – are crawling with geometric hallucinations: very brightly colored, very iridescent with deep sheens and very high reflective surfaces. Everything is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy. But that is not what immediately arrests my attention. What arrests my attention is the fact that this space is inhabited.” ~ Terence McKenna

With an exhale, the heavens open up to reveal Celestial Ceilings. One beholds jewel-like architectures with vastly intricate geometric shapes. Everything is every color at once. There are 4 beings, each holding an object that represents a teaching. On the top left, a being with a pyramid head, which symbolizes structure, holds a butterfly. The butterfly stands for the butterfly effect and karma. It is a lesson about how every action affects everything else in the cosmos.  On the top right, a jester-like being is holding the spirit molecule. On the bottom left, an elf-like being is holding an hourglass that has burst. The sand is going in all directions, which indicates the lesson that time is an illusion. On the bottom right, a being with an eye for a head, which represents a being of pure awareness, is holding an infinite mirror which is symbolic for when one looks deeply at our true selves, we find we are the infinite. All these beings are surrounding a center of pure light. The light conveys source energy, love, God, the Infinite Self which is one with all.

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