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“Buddha” Original


Mixed media (digital and acrylic paint) on canvas. 16 x 20 inches. Includes certificate of authenticity and frame.

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Under the full moon’s tender gaze,  

The Buddha sat, 

In serene embrace.  

In the stillness of that lunar light,  

Samsara revealed itself, 

A mere dream in sight.  

Through the veil of illusion, 

He peered,  

Untouched by the world, 

No longer steered.  

He saw through the dance 

Of life and death,  

In a moment of clarity, 

He took a deep breath.  

A thousand-petaled lotus 

Bloomed within,  

Radiating purity, 

Untouched by sin.  

Though rooted in mud, 

Its petals pristine,  

A symbol of the awakened, 


In the silence of that sacred night,  

Enlightenment dawned, 

Brilliant and bright.  

Like the lotus, 

Rising above the mire,  

The Buddha transcended, 

All sorrow burnt in fire. 

Untouched by suffering, 

Beyond the fray,  

In the moon’s glow, 

He found the way.  

A cosmic play, 

This life did seem,  

In the vast expanse, 

All was but a dream.   


“Buddha” oil on canvas. 20 x 20 inches.

Includes certificate of authenticity.

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