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Beyond Dualities 20 x 24 Metal Print


20″ x 24″ Metal Print

Beyond dualities

Of male, female

Light, dark

Life, death

Beyond the play

Of the world of form

There is a state 

Where the opposites

No longer perform, 

Where they dance so closely

All transforms.


Return to 


In the state of One

There is nothing to observe,

Where all form will cease 

There is just true peace,

So it splits


To be able to perceive itself

In pure divinity. 

To hold itself,

Surprise itself,

Love itself,

With fluidity 

As observer,

And observed,

To truly see this 

You must go beyond 

these words.

And finally

Become conscious of infinity 

The eternal play

Of the two

And the One

That creates

All that is

And deeply understand 

All that lives. 


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Dimensions 20 × 24 × 6 in