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If you have inquired about a book cover and we have agreed on a price, here is where the deposit and the final payment can be made.

Set the quantity to the agreed upon amount and continue to check out.

Example: 100 quantity = 100 dollars.

If you would like to have a book cover made for you or would like to use an existing artwork of mine for a book cover, please read the information below and fill out the contact form. 

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If you are interested in having me create a book cover for you or would like to use an existing artwork of mine for a book cover, please describe it in as much detail as possible in the contact form below or email

After I have received your request I will email you back with my thoughts on your idea, gather any additional information I need and create an Agreement for you to sign. Typically, an Agreement will be something along these lines but it is subject to change:

Example of Book Cover Agreement:

Project Description:

The book cover will be __(description of the concept)__.

Image Usage Rights:

The completed image created by Juliana Garces will be authorized to be used as the cover of the book _(book name)___ by __(Auther)__. Credit to the artist will be added to the book _(book name)_ as promptly as the cover created by the artist begins to be used. The artist will maintain copyright of the image with the ability to make prints or modifications for other uses not involving the book.


Table time to create sketches will commence once the deposit is made. There is a maximum amount of modification request to the initial sketch of 2 times, resulting in a maximum of 3 drafts. Any additional drafts will be an added charge. Keep in mind the draft illustrates the general concept for the book cover and is not intended to be an exact representation of the finished book cover.

Project Time Frame:

There has been no set time frame in the agreement describing the completion of the artwork. The artist will complete the artwork in a reasonable amount of time. Typically, the average for completion of a book cover is a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the book cover.

The Cost of Book Cover:

The total cost of the book cover is $___. This was determined after taking into account the estimated amount of time, and supplies needed, and the value the artwork will provide the author in their marketing and promotional pursuits of their book.

Duration of Artwork Usage: *Not applicable if lifelong usage is requested 

The artist grants the use of this artwork for a period of __(agreed on timeframe)__ proceeding final payment. After __(timeframe)_ proceeding final payment, the commissioner will have the opportunity to renew the usage of the artwork with a new agreement.

This allows the artist to provide initial economical pricing while ensuring that if the book were to become successful and widely distributed, the artist could be repaid fairly according to the book’s success.


A 50% (of final price) deposit of $__ is required to finalize the agreement and commence the project. This deposit is nonrefundable and is used to secure the cost of the artist’s time spent and supplies for the project. The deposit can be made via in the “Book Covers” section under the “Custom Art & Designs” tab or through a check by mail, money order, in person with cash, or via a PayPal payment sent to

Kill Fee:

If the commissioner would like to terminate the project before it is completed while the artist has already begun and deposit has been made, an additional kill fee of 25% of the final payment ($__) will be required for the time the artist has spent on the project. If the project is terminated by the commissioner before its completion, the completed project will not be delivered.

Final Payment of Custom Order:

The 50%remaining final payment ($__) for the project will be due no later than a week after the artist has announced the completion of the project to the commissioner.  The final payment can be made via in the “Book Covers” section under the “Custom Art & Designs” tab or through a check by mail, money order, in person with cash, or via a PayPal payment sent to The completed project will be emailed once final payment is received by the artist.

Delivery of Completed Project:

The completed project will be delivered via email and/or Google Drive as a set of digital downloads once the final payment is made. Before the final payment is made, only low resolution, watermarked versions of the image will be sent for feedback.

Digital Downloads Folder including:

-PDF & PNG Image with foreground, background, and text.

-PDF & PNG Image with foreground and background, no text.

-PDF & PNG Image with the book cover on mockup example.

Changes to Completed Project:

One minor revision will be permitted within a period of 1 month after the final project has been sent if there is a particular element of the image the author is not content with. Changes to the book cover made by the commissioner or any other individual require a written authorization by the artist.

Non-Profit Charity Donation:

10% of the proceeds made by the artist will be donated to a non-profit charity ____.


__(Area for the artist and commissioner / author to sign and date)__

Once I have received the signed agreement and deposit, the book cover will be made for you.

I look forward to making your ideas come to life! 

Book Cover Testimonial:

“Juliana was commissioned to do a book cover for my partner Stephen and me. She was very professional, communicative, responsive, talented and a pleasure to work with. The artwork was for an Asian and East Asian inspired amalgam of symbols where we connect yoga and self-defense. Several renditions were presented initially with her and then the magic began. The feedback process from our vision of the cover and the artist was exciting indeed. The contract was explicit about payment and editing options but the editing process was very rewarding and the completed artwork stellar.

I am very proud to have her art as the cover of our book Yoga Self-Defense.

I would recommend her as an artist for most any project. ”

-Daniel C. Harrigan Ph.D.
Orlando, Florida.


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A few days ago I had a booth with my art at Spring Fest and I was working on this drawing live. This is a commission artwork for a supporter of mine. Her brother past away so she asked me to draw this portrait in honor of him. Rest in peace Hector. 🙏
"It is not happy people who are grateful. It is grateful people who are happy." -Unknown
Your life is an artwork.
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