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Juliana Garces is a mixed media artist and muralist who creates works with environmental, humanitarian, and transcendental themes. Juliana often finds inspiration for her works while meditating or practicing yoga. The artist aims to help raise the human collective consciousness through art. She seeks to put the message into action by donating a portion of each piece to a unique non-profit charity related to the theme of the artwork. Her goal is to make an impact through these donations and propel humanity toward compassion.

A variety of her artworks can be found in galleries and exhibits such as the Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday, City Arts Factory, and Osceola Arts. Currently, Juliana creates murals for Best Western Hotel.


@ julianagarcesart

A few days ago I had a booth with my art at Spring Fest and I was working on this drawing live. This is a commission artwork for a supporter of mine. Her brother past away so she asked me to draw this portrait in honor of him. Rest in peace Hector. 🙏
"It is not happy people who are grateful. It is grateful people who are happy." -Unknown
Your life is an artwork.
What would you title this artwork? 🤔

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